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With the outbreak of corona virus in Singapore since Jan and DORSCON being raised to orange on 7th Feb, our medical staff have been busy attending to patients and suspected persons. These frontline fighters have been working tirelessly to defend Singapore against this epidemic.

Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS) recognizes the hard work and dedication of our frontline fighters and wishes to express our gratitude and appreciation. AAS is working with VendShare to station its vending machines in staff lounge of hospitals to offer freshly brewed coffee / beverage 24-7 for medical staff who needs a caffeine shot. Vendshare will be offering its coffee / beverage at cost price. The 1st vending machine was stationed in Singapore General Hospital on Fri, 28th Feb and more machines are planned in other hospitals with an aim to deploy 3-4 machines ultimately.

AAS has received strong support from corporations with sponsorship from Lendlease and Centurion Corporation Limited for this initiative that gets the initiative started.

"Centurion is honoured to join the Australian Alumni Singapore to recognise and support our medical workers, who are on the frontline of our fight against the COVID-19. We deeply appreciate your heroic efforts in safeguarding our national well-being" - Centurion Corporation Limited

AAS hopes our members and supporters can also support this meangingful intiative generously to show our appreciation for all these dedicated and hardworking frontline fighters. The 1st vending machine will be launched in SGH on Fri, 28th Feb and AAS hopes to raise sufficient fund to put a second machine in the staff lounge of a second hospital soon.


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Coffee For Singapore's Frontline Fighters

1 ticket buys 10 cups of coffee / beverage for Singapore frontline fighters through vending machines stationed in staff lounge of hospitals.

Standard Price S$10