The Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS) is the national umbrella organisation for the 200,000 Singaporean or Singapore-based graduates of Australian universities. With the Patronage of the Australian High Commission and the President of Singapore, AAS, the Australian Alumni of Singapore, aims to promote friendship and goodwill among the various graduates and members from different Australian tertiary and professional institutions.

In 1955, a small group of returned graduates from Australia, with the esprit de corps to establish a forum to interact and forge a close link between Singapore and Australia, founded the Australian Alumni Singapore under the leadership of the founder President, Mr Michael Fam Yu Onn. Since its inception, the Australian Alumni Singapore has grown into a well-established graduate organisation.

Through the years, thousands of students have gone to Australia to receive higher education and returned to join the ranks of successful professionals instrumental to the present development of the Republic into a modern and sophisticated centre of communication and commerce. Many of the returned graduates who, at one time or another, were actively associated with the Alumni are today Government Ministers, community leaders, and prominent figures playing vital roles in Government, Public Service and Private Sectors, responsible for the continued progress of our young nation.

The Australian Alumni Singapore, through the uniting efforts of its founders and successive office-bearers, and the enthusiasm and support of the Australian High Commission, has not only forged a close link to promote goodwill and understanding of each other's social, economic and cultural values, but also formed an important part of the fabric of relationships between the peoples and professionals of the two countries.

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